Accessibility Information

University of Maryland Accessibility

South = Mall side of the building
East = Symons Hall
West = HJ Patterson

Metro Access

ESJ recommends that riders ask Metro Access to drop off/pick up in the small parking lot on the east side of the building facing Symons Hall. This allows the bus space to pull off the main street, allowing the rider ample time to board and disembark. There is a door with an automatic opener marked as a delivery entrance, however, anyone can utilize the door. It leads to the ground floor of the building, and there is an elevator just inside.

Accessible Entrances

Ground Floor

  • There is a ramp on the southwest side of the building leading from the Mall down to the ground floor. The ramp is compliant, though steep. Users may find it thrilling to go down, and challenging to get up.
  • There is an accessible door on the south side of the building, east of the main entrance steps that lead directly to the Mall.
  • There is an accessible door on the east side of the building facing Symons Hall. It is marked as a delivery entrance. There are handicapped parking spaces available just outside. Please note that there is an internal door at this entrance that does not open automatically, before gaining access to the main part of the building. If this is required, please go around the corner toward Campus Drive and use the northeast door.
  • There is an accessible door on the northeast side of the building facing Campus Drive, across from Hornbake. The ramp entrance is east of the stairs.

First Floor

  • Accessible doors are on the west side of the building facing HJ Patterson, closest to the Mall. Please note the doors closest to Campus Drive do not have automatic openers.

Accessible Parking

Handicapped parking spots are available in the small parking lot on the east side of the building, facing Symons Hall (building 076). There are also spots available in the Smart Commute Lot west of HJ Patterson (building 073) and west of the Health Center (building 140).


All levels of Edward St. John are accessible by elevator.

Evacuation Procedures

ESJ recommends building users contact the Office of Emergency Management to discuss circumnavigating the building during an emergency. Their staff can recommend evacuation routes and shelter-in-place options that meet your specific needs.

Accessible Restrooms

All restrooms in Edward St. John are ADA-compliant and have larger accommodating stalls. Paper towel dispensers and hand-dryers are wall mounted at accessible heights.

Family Restroom

Most restrooms in the building contain a changing table. There is also a family restroom located on the ground floor in the south-west wing of the building, up the ramp adjacent to TERP Classroom 0224. The restroom features a changing table, and can be locked from the inside to allow parents with small children a private restroom.

Gender Accessible Restrooms

In addition to the family restroom, there are gender accessible restrooms located on the south and east sides of the first floor, as well as on the basement level.

Lactation Room

There is a lactation room located on the ground floor. The room is available to students, faculty, and staff. To gain access and schedule time in the room, please email

Information Technology Resources

  • The pay-for-print station on the first floor of the building is wheelchair accessible.
  • All of the classrooms are equipped with assisted listening systems. Information on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services on campus are available at the Counseling Center.
  • Assisted listening devices may be checked out from the Counseling Center, or the Classroom Support office in the basement of Edward St.John.


All classrooms have ramps that provide access to the front of the rooms. Some rooms have handicapped accessible seating at both the front and rear of the room.


All room signs in Edward St. John includes Braille lettering to assist the visually impaired.


For further assistance regarding accessibility in Edward St. John, please contact the operations manager at or 301-405-4702.